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Event Team

The Event Team is responsible for entertaining the International Students through various events and encouraging them to exchange among each other and meet new people. ​Examples for events are the Speed-Dating at the beginning of each semester, during which the exchange students and the German students of Pforzheim University can get in contact and get to know each other or our well-visited International Dinner for which the International Students and the German Buddies bring some typical dishes from their country for a large intercultural buffet. All these events are full of fun! At the end of each semester, the Event-Team organizes a large Summer or Christmas Party, a great graduation ceremony for all the International Students and their Buddies.

Although we get financial means from the DAAD and the foreign office of our university, we organize a Crêpe or Waffle Sale approximately two times on the campus in order to be able to offer our trips and events as cheap as possible to the exchange students.

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