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The gas boiler, built in 1912, was revived with an elaborate refurbishment. Today, the 40 m high industrial monument combines its fascinating technology with a spectacular, world-wide 360 ​​° panorama by the artist Asisi. The Panorama ROM 312 shows the triumphant entry of Emperor Constantine and his legionnaires in Rome after the victorious battle against Constantine's opponent Maxentius in 312. On a 15 m high pedestal, the visitor lets his gaze wander over the ancient metropolis in bloom its architectural splendor - over the temples and palaces to the basilicas and spas up to the Albaner mountains on the horizon. Today, the capital of Italy is dominated only by the ruins of these buildings, but Asisi has brought it back to life in its panorama. This all-round experience gives the guest the feeling that they are directly involved in this significant period of history. Experience it yourself!


There is a bistro on the roof top very you can enjoy food and drinks. Daily guidances are offered


Opening hours: daily from 10am - 6pm


Student special offers: every Tuesday, there is a “Student Day” taking place at Gasometer Pforzheim where the entrance fee is only 5€ for every student with a valid student ID.


Address: Hohwiesenweg 6, 75175 Pforzheim


The Technical Museum is a place for lively encounters with the Pforzheim jewelry and watch industry: In the building of the former Kollmar & Jourdan jewelry factory, visitors can explore the traditional Pforzheim jewelry and watch industry that once dominated the world market.

For more information see Technisches Museum.

Address: Bleichstraße 81, 75173 Pforzheim



The Wildlife Park in Pforzheim is located directly next to the University and represents the perfect opportunity for study breaks.

For more information see Wildpark.

Address: Tiefenbronnerstr. 100, 75175 Pforzheim

Rehe im Wald


The Pforzheim Jewelry Museum is a unique museum dedicated to the history of jewelry. Whether mythical, emphasizing status or simply ornamental, jewelry has a long tradition in all cultures.

For more information see Schmuckmuseum

Address: Jahnstraße 42, 75173 Pforzheim

Schmuck Experte
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