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Students can find information on public transport on the website of the VPE (Verkehrsverbund Pforzheim-Enzkreis):

No need to buy a ticket! - Your student ID can be used as a ticket for the whole public transport in Pforzheim. For an overview of the different zones see Tarifzonenplan.

However, the student ID cannot be used for InterCity (IC), InterCityExpress (ICE) and EuroCity (EC).

Im Bus


We encourage you to use a bicycle, however, you should know that Pforzheim is very hilly!

If you don't want to use your bike to get to the University, you can still plan a nice bike tour for the weekend. The "Enztal-Radweg" is around 100km long, however, you don't need ride the whole 100km to experience the nice region. Check out the website of the Enztal-Radweg to plan your trip!

Bike von River


There are also several taxi companies in Pforzheim. Here are some examples you can check out:




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